Join us for a one-day literacy summit to learn how mobile technology is changing communication, literacy and education. Award winning scholar, Dr. Ron Darvin will lead the morning discussion and afternoon panel. The Summit provides the opportunity to participate in six unique literacy workshops. Lunch and refreshment breaks included.  Now is the time to discover the new literacy, one that extends beyond reading and writing.  Buy your all-day ticket to register today!

Evening keynote led by UBC professor, Dr. Susan Holtzman looking at the role of technology in the lives of families. The evening session is free and childminding is available with registration. Register for the evening keynote here!

Morning Keynote – Literacy, technology, and the evolving social landscape with Dr. Ron Darvin  In the 21st century, technology has become a critical factor in accessing knowledge, wealth, and power, and has transformed the way we learn, work, and communicate. At the same time, technology has shaped new forms of inequality, exclusion, and disinformation. In this keynote, Darvin maps out this evolving social landscape and identifies the literacy issues and challenges that confront us as we navigate an increasingly digitally-mediated world. 

    Evening Keynote – Is screen time a concern in your family?  A new study of Okanagan parents and their young children  Researchers Dr. Susan Holtzman and Zak Draper joined by parent Joanna Cann will discuss how patterns of technology use are impacting families with young children. To learn more about the study or to participate go to 

Come together at the 2019 Literacy Summit to consider what is lost and what is gained as we embrace new forms of literacy. Communication and relationships are constantly evolving in relation to technology. In the age of digital and mobile media, literacy and how we navigate our various environments has evolved so quickly.  New technology always brings some disruption. It creates a divide between what was and what is. Have you thought about how changing methods of communication impact your ability to create common values and understanding among those you work, learn and live with?  In a time where the information we seek is at the tips of your fingers, can we appreciate the answers? This is the new literacy, beyond reading and writing. Are you ready?